Another intro and status update

Just as Adam did I too would like to introduce myself. My name is Bruce van der Kooij and I was born and raised in The Netherlands, am in my early twenties, recently graduated and currently work as a technical consultant for a local IT company.

I’ve been involved in the NautilusSvn project for quite a while already, at least since Juli 2007. I was one of the major reasons Jason migrated the project to Google Code in June of 2008 (prior to that it was solely being distributed as a tarball through Jason’s personal website). However, up untill recently my contributions to the project consisted of a few minor patches here and there (one liners) and janitorial work (helping people on the mailing list, triaging bugs, updating the website etc.).

Largely thanks to Adam all that changed last Christmas. I felt that the time of the year people normally celebrate with their family was the ideal time to start hacking away on NautilusSvn. And hacking away I did. I worked some 8 days non-stop (8 to 16 hours a day) on implementing some major parts of the extension.

The core functionality, status checking and emblem handling was significantly improved. Though as Adam indicated there are still some kinks to work out. Another major feature was the implementation of submenus, an implementation I’m quite proud of myself.

In the process we have to work around several limitations in the Nautilus extension API (libnautilus-extension). One example of this is that the update_file_info function tells us about changes to items (directories and files) but not about items that aren’t visible in the current view, this is the major reason directory emblems are not kept up-to-date in v0.11 (and a manual refresh is required). We’ve worked around this particular issue by using inotify to keep track of modifications ourselves.

As Adam indicated in the previous post I’m currently working on finishing up the status checking code (mostly performance issues), I hope to do so somewhere in the coming days/weeks (but certainly not months ;-).

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