Announcing RabbitVCS v0.15.1

Posted in Miscellaneous on August 24th, 2012 by Adam Plumb – 7 Comments

This one has been a long time in coming, but here is the release for RabbitVCS v0.15.1.  This is one of our less focused releases, and is really more of a development snapshot so people can get the bug fixes and new features we’ve been working on.  Here’s a quick list of changes:

  • Added an OSX Finder extension!  Thanks to Marianne Gagnon ( for your work on this, it is really wonderful to see.  It is still a little experimental and might need some polish, but people are welcome to try it and hack on it.
  • Updated the Gedit plugin to work with Gedit3
  • Added a mercurial status checker to the nautilus extension (does not include context menu or functionality)
  • Andreas has done a lot of work on our Git support, improving formatting and adding progress bar support to our notification dialog (Thanks Andreas!)
  • Improved git push and git merge dialogs, and fixed various other miscellaneous git UI bugs
  • A dozen or so other bug fixes
Also a quick note.  Now is a great time to start contributing to RabbitVCS if you’ve been wanting to.  There is still a lot to do: new features to add and bugs to fix!  Get in touch with me if you want any help and I’ll be glad to give it.  Remember, this is a community effort and you can help to make RabbitVCS work for you.

Download RabbitVCS v0.15.1 at:


Issue Tracker:

A big thanks and a great job to everyone on the team and everyone who
contributed to this release!