RabbitVCS v0.16.0

Posted in Release on March 2nd, 2014 by daniel.oconnor – 10 Comments

With the shift to github out of the way, we’ve decide to release a new version of rabbitvcs.

It’s available via github, and contains 16 important bug fixes and features.

Please report issues via github

We’ve uploaded Ubuntu packages to the main PPA, and other distributions are encouraged to produce their own packages as needed.

One important note, Launchpad won’t accept new packages for certain distributions because they are considered obsolete.

These distributions are:

  • Maverick (10.10)
  • Natty (11.04)
  • Oneiric (11.10)
  • Raring (13.04)

 Unless there is significant demand, we also will be ignoring these releases.