Release announcement for RabbitVCS v0.14.2!

Today we are releasing RabbitVCS v0.14.2, a bug fix release that should go a long way towards improving the experience for git users.  There are some treats for svn users as well, though.

  • Bug #483. Protect from a key error if no message attribute is present in the log item.
  • Fixed the git status to show untracked files as untracked, not normal
  • Allow the git status checker to handle repositories in symbolically linked directories
  • Bug #486. Fix locale/encoding issues with the date string coming in from git.
  • Bug #502 Annotate no longer cuts off lines with closing parentheses in them (it’s a git command line response parsing issue)
  • Fix the log context menu command that compares with the previous revision
  • Bug #501, Check if the log revision items list is empty before trying to display it
  • Bug #499, Don’t show the Working Copy revision in the changes revision selectors
  • In the command line, expand specified paths to make it easier to detect working copies
  • No more relying on hard-coded paths, now we can install to any arbitrary prefix

There are definitely more bug fixes to come in v0.14.3, but I wanted to get these out the door since my time to work on them is going to be diminished for a while.


Download RabbitVCS v0.14.2 at:

Note: We will have new packages in our PPA presently.

Issue Tracker:


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