Release announcement for v0.12 ALPHA

It has been a long few months of development, but we’re finally ready to announce that the NautilusSvn v0.12 branch is in the ALPHA stage and ready for testing!  This new major version of NautilusSvn is a complete rewrite from top-to-bottom, and features an automatic status monitor (works better than in v0.11), all-new windows/dialogs using PyGTK instead of wxPython, an all new and improved context menu system, and full localization support!

Here’s a proposed release schedule to give you an idea of our release timeline:

FEB 17 – Alpha release (only for brave testers, no installation package)
MAR 3  – Beta release (for general use and testing, with installation package, string freeze)
MAR 10 – RC Release (for general use, nothing should change unless its an urgent bugfix)
MAR 17 – Final v0.12 release!


Note: there are no installation packages available for the alpha release

– The main context menu will appear with items in incorrect places.  This is a bug in nautilus (we think) and so far we haven’t found a workaround.  If you get this, most of the time you can click away (in the nautilus background) and then click back on the original item, and this will give you a correct menu.  If you want to try to find a workaround for us, we’ve created a simple test extension at  Put this in your ~/.nautilus/python-extensions folder and type ‘nautilus -q && nautilus –no-desktop’ to load it up.  If you can find a workaround, you will be a hero.

– The new status monitor is slower than it was in v0.11 because it is fully automated and actually works (most of the time), whereas v0.11 required manual refreshes and did not apply status updates to parent folders.


– We’ve put together installation instructions for Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE.  If you install NautilusSvn on a different distro, we’d love it if you could send in distro-specific instructions!

– v0.12 is now fully localizable using .po/.pot files.  If you are interesting in helping us with translations, you can get started immediately by going here ( and reading the README file there for instructions.  We will have our translations hosted on launchpad shortly, but you can work from the source in the meantime.  Also, keep in mind that string-freeze does not start until the BETA release.

– Just use the extension and windows to their fullest and report any bugs or issues you find.  Go here ( to report any issues you have.

We’re very excited about the v0.12 release and we hope you all are too!

The NautilusSvn Team

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