Minor update released for beta

Posted in Miscellaneous on March 16th, 2009 by Bruce van der Kooij – Be the first to comment

There were some packaging problems I felt warranted an update/rebuild. Here’s what got fixed:

  • Updated version dependencies in control file so the package can be installed under Ubuntu 8.04. See Issue #100.
  • Make sure that gtk-update-icon-cache is executed after install. See Issue #87.
  • Have to prepend emblem- to all emblem files for them to be picked up by Nautilus <= 2.22.3. See Issue #87.

Looks like we still have to work out our version numbering scheme. :-)

Next, performance issues! \o/

That’s all folks.

Release announcement for v0.12 BETA 1!

Posted in Release on March 16th, 2009 by Adam Plumb – 9 Comments

Hi all,

It has been a longer wait than anticipated, but the first beta is finally here!  We have several goals in mind for this beta and future betas:

  • Produce installable tarball packages of NautilusSvn
  • Produce distribution-specific packages (deb and rpm packages)
  • Maintain a stable/unchanging set of strings for translation purposes
  • Get NautilusSvn in a state where it can be used by the general public every day

The wait has mostly been related to some last minute issues with the installable tarballs and packages.  Indeed, Bruce and I are still learning the release engineering trade, so you can probably expect us to fumble some more in the near future ;)  We’ve also been tinkering with the status monitor, amongst other things, trying to make them simpler and more reliable.

Whereas the ALPHA was simply a statement that we wanted people to start actively testing the NautilusSvn v0.12 branch, this beta is our first honest-to-goodness release.  We plan on releasing a few betas, until we are sure we’ve ironed out the kinks in the release process and in the program.


Instead of moving directly from beta to rc to final, we’re now going to be releasing a series of betas every one or two weeks until we get it right.  Hopefully, we’ll be ready for a final v0.12 release within a two or three beta releases.

This is the first release where we want you to test out installing from either the tarball archive or the .deb package.  We haven’t been able to generate an RPM just yet. That will hopefully come in beta2.

Go here for installation instructions: http://code.google.com/p/nautilussvn/wiki/Installation

You can see a rough list of changes since the ALPHA here: http://code.google.com/p/nautilussvn/issues/list?can=1&q=label%3A0.12-alpha&colspec=Stars+ID+Type+Status+Priority+Milestone+Owner+Summary&x=stars&y=status&cells=tiles.  Some of the major changes are:

  • Relative paths work better now in dialogs
  • Merging is working (I think)
  • Fixed mutliple-row selection in log and properties windows
  • Replaced many dialog labels with text entries so URLs are easy to change (rather than being read-only)
  • Many bug-fixes



  • Install the beta and report any issues you have.
  • We’re still looking for translations.  Go to http://code.google.com/p/nautilussvn/wiki/Translating for instructions
  • We’re still looking for more distro-specific instructions on how to install dependencies.
  • Figure out a fix the context-menu misordering bug above.

Thanks for everyone’s help and we hope people enjoy the beta release.

The NautilusSvn Team