Highlighting the Commit window

Posted in Miscellaneous on February 9th, 2009 by Adam Plumb – 1 Comment

This is my first post highlighting NautilusSvn’s many UI windows and dialogs.  First in line is the frequently used Commit window.

The Commit window provides an interface for committing or checking in modifications made to your working copy.   The first area of the window, “Commit to:”, shows you the repository you are working with.  The “Add Message” area allows you to add a log entry to your commit.  The Changed Files table shows all added, deleted, modified, missing, replaced, obstructed, or unversioned files.  Best of all, there is now a context menu that gives you the opportunity to View Diff, Open, Browse to, Delete, Add. Revert, or Ignore the file in question.


When you click the “Previous Messages” button, a dialog pops up with the past 30 messages you’ve written (changeable in settings).


When you click “OK”, the commit starts and the notification window pops up, giving you feedback and what is going on…


Happy committing!