Hello world!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the development blog for the NautilusSvn project.  Our project’s actual website is hosted on google code at http://code.google.com/p/nautilussvn.

What is NautilusSvn?
NautilusSvn is a Python extension for Nautilus which integrates a load of Subversion functionality into the GNOME Nautilus file manager, basically as a clone of the TortoiseSVN project on Windows.

What is the project’s current status?
The current “stable” version is v0.11, which provides a set of basic tools, including:

  • Checkout
  • Commit
  • Revert
  • Diff (using Meld or gvimdiff)
  • Log Viewer
  • Revision and SVN User as columns in Nautilus views
  • Emblems to show file status (though buggy)
  • SSL authentication (buggy)
  • Username and password entry dialog
  • Editing Properties

However, the next version, v0.12, is going to be a total rewrite, with some pretty awesome features and functionality.  Here is a list of what to expect for v0.12:

  • Complete rewrite of extension and user interface layer.
  • Improved status checking and emblem support. Manual status refresh no longer required.
  • An entirely new context menu in Nautilus including submenus.
  • New UIs: Add, Copy/Branch, Cleanup, Export, Import, Lock, Merge, Relocate, Revert, Rename, Settings, Switch, Unlock, Update-to-Revision.
  • Updated UIs: Checkout, Commit, Popup Dialogs, Log, Notifications, Properties.
  • Many UIs now have context menus.
  • Working packages and installation instructions for major distros (Ubuntu, Fedora)

We’re getting really close to an alpha (“feature-complete but expect breakage”) milestone, with beta and final milestones coming soon afterwards.

Keep your eyes peeled here for more news, updates, and developments on the NautilusSvn project.

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