A preview of new log and compare functionality in v0.13

For me, and I think for a lot of other people, one of the key missing pieces of functionality for RabbitVCS v0.12 is robust support for comparing files, folders, and revisions; so this is the first thing I started working on for v0.13.  So far, I’ve updated the log viewer and created a new dialog devoted to comparisons, but I’ll be improving context menu functionality throughout all dialogs.  Here is a video preview of the new log view functionality and the compare dialog.

8 responses to “A preview of new log and compare functionality in v0.13”

  1. Mr.doob says:

    Looks great!

    I would like to mention that I miss from TortoiseSVN a “very simple” functionality; export. Which, as far as I know, it just copies the data to another folder but without the .svn files.

    Also, I wonder if is there any plans to improve performance, or caching or something. Nautilus gets a bit slow with this plugin.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing back the pleasure of working with SVN to Linux!!

  2. Adam Plumb says:

    RabbitVCS does have an Export dialog that can do what you want. I know for sure that it shows up when you are outside of a working copy. I think it also shows up inside a working copy as well. You may want to look again.

    Regarding performance, Jason has been hard at work on that front and v0.13 is going to be great.

  3. Mr.doob says:

    You’re right, there is a Export option outside a working copy. But I don’t have the option on a working copy.

    RabbitVCS 0.12-beta1 (Ubuntu 9.10)

    Performance on v0.13 sounds great! Looking forward :)

  4. thierrybo says:

    Please do not forget to support external tool like meld

  5. John Pye says:

    Agree with thierrybo, support for an external (or internal) side-by-side graphical diff would be good, like Meld or (from KDE-land) Kompare.

  6. Adam Plumb says:

    We already support external diff tools, which you can set in the settings dialog. Our default tool is meld, but Kompare should work as well. We don’t have any plans right now to create our own tool, though.

  7. fatcop says:

    kdiff3 works fine with it as well.

  8. hans says:


    do anybody know when the new version 0.13 will be released?