Preview of the Repository Browser for v0.13

One of the final pieces of the puzzle for v0.13 is the repository browser, and I am quite happy with it.  Sure, I bailed on having a folder tree view, and there is no drap ‘n drop support for moving files around, but overall I think people will find it very useful when v0.13 is released.

Here is a quick ‘n dirty video I made showing some basic functionality.  Hopefully we’ll have an alpha or beta ready for v0.13 and more people can test the new stuff out.

2 responses to “Preview of the Repository Browser for v0.13”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This looks amazing!

    The only thing I think that would make it better is if folders were on the left and files on the right. This is how Tortoise SVN does it. It makes it a lot easier to get a visual of the project and it makes some operations easier. For example, moving one directory to a different part or moving a file from a directory via drag and drop.

    • Adam Plumb says:

      The problem with loading a directory tree on the left is that it takes forever to load repositories of any real size if I load the whole thing at once (which is the simplest way to do it). You could just load the current directory, and then when the user expands a directory node, it finds the contents on-the-fly, but when I started trying that out, the code got more complicated than I wanted. I may still do it in a future release, but for now, we’ll have to make do without a tree browser.