Release announcement for RabbitVCS v0.13 Beta!

After approximately four months of development, the RabbitVCS v0.13 branch is ready for regular people to start testing and abusing.  This release brings about some pretty important changes to not just RabbitVCS itself, but also to how we distribute and think of RabbitVCS.  Indeed, one of our early goals with this project was to not be tied to one file manager, or even to be tied to any file managers.  And I believe we are starting to see the fruits of that ambition in this first beta release.  Not only do we have a new and improved Nautilus extension, but this release also introduces a Thunar extension, a Gedit extension, and an improved command line tool.

As this is a beta release, you should expect bugs and other issues to crop up, not only with the program, but also with our new packaging system which separates our front-ends (extensions) from the core.  We expect to have distribution-specific packages ready this weekend, but you can start testing with the tarballs that have been released.

Changes in RabbitVCS since v0.12:

  • Improved context menus and selection functionality in most dialogs
  • Massive overhaul in generating context menus
  • Added a “Changes” dialog to view changes between revisions
  • Added a “Check for Modifications” dialog to check for remote changes
  • Added a repository browser
  • All text views will provide a spell checker (if gtk.spell is installed)
  • All tree views for files will show icons next to the file name
  • Improved Diff/Compare functionality
  • Modified the Properties dialog to allow editing revision properties
  • Added functionality to the Annotate dialog to export to a file
  • Countless bug-fixes and small improvements

Changes in RabbitVCS-Nautilus since v0.12:

  • Improved status checking and emblem support, should be much faster now
  • Added a Property Page

Changes in RabbitVCS-CLI since v0.12:

  • Improved the handling of arguments.  Type “rabbitvcs -h” to get help or “rabbitvcs <module> -h” to get help.

Addition of RabbitVCS-Thunar:

  • Adds the RabbitVCS context menu and a property page to the Thunar file manager.  This requires the new thunarx-python bindings, which are available from our downloads section.

Addition of RabbitVCS-Gedit:

  • Adds the RabbitVCS menu to the main menubar and adds menu items to each source views’ context menus.

Addition of RabbitVCS-NautilusOld:

  • Provides an extension that is compatible with older versions of Nautilus (< 2.22).


Download RabbitVCS v0.13 Beta at:

Update: We have Ubuntu/Debian packages available for the beta now in our downloads section.

Issue Tracker:

Big thanks and a great job to everyone on the team and everyone who contributed to this beta release!

Adam Plumb
The RabbitVCS Team

13 responses to “Release announcement for RabbitVCS v0.13 Beta!”

  1. Mr.doob says:

    This is great! Thanks for making the SVN experience so great on Linux!

  2. Thom Brown says:

    Damn, I had 0.12 installed, then isntalled 0.13 beta and after restarting Nautilus, no RabbitVCS :( What have I done?!

  3. Jason Heeris says:

    Just wanted to let anyone reading this know that the RabbitVCS 0.13.beta1 packages are now up on our new “testing” PPA:

    Please report any issues you have with packaging or functionality to either the RabbitVCS users group ( or use the issue tracker on our Google Code project page:

    Thanks to anyone trying it out :)

  4. Max says:

    RabbitVCS is awesome!
    I`ll test as soon as I get home.

  5. Todd says:

    Upgraded from 0.12 to the 0.13 beta Debian/Ubuntu packages. The updated went flawlessly.

    Also, I have some very large svn repos, and 0.12 would always suck up all my memory, causing my system to start swapping. 0.13 is much better at handling memory! Kudos and thanks!


  6. Thom Brown says:

    I wrote a brief blog entry on RabbitVCS at

    I’m hoping more people discover this great piece of software as it’s something that’s been missing from Linux.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sweet, thanks for the hard work. You guys are the best!

  8. Mr.doob says:

    It does feel lighter indeed!

    Also, this may be totally unrelated (maybe memory related)… but with v0.12 running and virtualbox at the same time, my machine (quad core) choked all the time, freezing a lot.

    With v0.13 that doesn’t happen anymore :D

  9. Volker says:

    Great Work! Well done!