Highlighting the nautilussvn shell script

At some point in the past few weeks I decided that I want to be able to access the v0.12 NautilusSvn UI elements from the command line. So I wrote a simple executable python script called “nautilussvn” which calls the UI element of your choice as well as passes through any other arguments you give it. I simply put a copy of the script in my PATH (mine is at /usr/local/bin/nautilussvn) and call it any time I want from the command line.

Here’s an example of what I’d do if I was in the base directory of some working copy and I wanted to commit the code with svn:

#$ svn commit -m "MESSAGE GOES HERE"

With the nautilussvn script, It’s just about as easy, and you get all the UI goodies you’ve come to love…

#$ nautilussvn commit

Or to specify a path:

#$ nautilussvn commit ~/Development/thiswc

If you want to see all the available modules, just enter “nautilussvn” and you’ll get something like the following:

#$ nautilussvn
usage: nautilussvn <module> [path1] [path2] …

Available Modules
about, add, blame, checkout, cleanup, commit, create, delete, export,
ignore, import, lock, log, merge, properties, relocate, rename,
resolve, revert, settings, switch, unlock, update, updateto

I tend to use the command line quite a lot for work already, so this gives me access to some of the UI features I love (like working with files in the commit dialog) without the hassle of having to open up nautilus.

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