Release announcement for RabbitVCS BETA 5!

Another week, another beta release.  I swear, once I stop finding bugs just about every day we will do a final release.  In the meantime please accept this beta release which fixes some regressions introduced in beta 4 as well as more general bug fixes.

FYI, Jason is going to be on vacation for the next few weeks so we may not be able to update our Ubuntu/Debian PPA with new beta packages, as Jason normally handles this task.  I’m talking to him about possibly letting me do it, but I can’t guarantee anything.

Here are the details:

  • Some dialogs, when closed, were not terminating their processes.  This should fix the rename dialog and the create dialog.
  • Fix regression introduced in beta 4 where the checkout menu item and show log menu item were not present when they should be.
  • Fix the git export dialog to be better integration with the main context menu
  • Fix regression introduced in beta 4 where the gedit plugin ran really slow when opening new files.  It should be much much quicker now.
  • Fix some issues with the git log dialog
  • Run the git log and push dialogs as threaded so large working copies don’t block the ui.
  • Fixed bug #441, Deleting from the commit window is fixed
  • Fixed bug #440, After reloading the changed files table in the commit window, honor whether show unversioned files is toggled
  • Make the height of the svn update-to-revision dialog flexible so it doesn’t cut into the widgets
  • Icons will now appear next to menu items in the Thunar extension
  • Fix the nautilus/thunar property page for git (Wasn’t working at all)
  • Refactored the rabbitvcs status object somewhat to make it more consistent when using multiple vcs’s
  • Fixed bug #443, Fix the stop-on-copy functionality for svn


Download RabbitVCS v0.14 beta 5 at:

Issue Tracker:

A big thanks and a great job to everyone on the team and everyone who
contributed to this release!


One response to “Release announcement for RabbitVCS BETA 5!”

  1. gpe says:

    the nautilus extension doesn’t work. No Rabbitvcs context menu.

    I’ve nautilus-python 0.7.0