RabbitVCS bugfix release – v0.14.1

A few serious bugs were discovered shortly after the v0.14 release, including one very serious one that crashed nautilus when any kind of dialog was displayed or program was executed.  So here is a small bugfix release that fixes these issues.

  • (Bug #456) Fix nautilus crasher when dialogs are acted on
  • (Bug #461) Fix a crasher in the merge dialog
  • (Bug #457) In the changes dialog, fix bug that stopped diffs from being generated
  • Also fixed an issue where opening versioned files from the changes dialog would not work sometimes.


Download RabbitVCS v0.14.1 at:

Note: We will have new packages in our PPA presently.

Issue Tracker:


3 responses to “RabbitVCS bugfix release – v0.14.1”

  1. Packages for Hardy are not going to be updated anymore? Just curious, since now RabbitVCS has support for git, so I am wondering if it is going to be better than using gitk + command line…

    • Adam Plumb says:

      You know I’ll have to defer to Jason on that since he is our debian/ubuntu packager, but it is quite possible that hardy packages are out. You can still run RabbitVCS though, and install it from the tarball, it really isn’t that hard to do.

  2. nicola giacobbe says:

    Thanks for the update!
    The Nautilus bug was driving me crazy.
    Many thanks for the good work done.