RabbitVCS bugfix release – v0.14.1.1

It looks like something strange happened with the v0.14.1 release tarball because it did not include the actual bug fixes, it was an exact copy of v0.14.  So none of the bugs I fixed were actually fixed in that release.  With that said, here is the “real” v0.14.1, but I’m calling it v0.14.1.1 so we know the difference.  I included a couple more bug fixes in this release, as well.

  • (Bug #456) Fix nautilus crasher when dialogs are acted on
  • (Bug #461) Fix a crasher in the merge dialog
  • (Bug #457) In the changes dialog, fix bug that stopped diffs from being generated
  • Also fixed an issue where opening versioned files from the changes dialog would not work sometimes.
  • (Bug #477) Fix crasher in revision properties dialog when save button is clicked


Download RabbitVCS v0.14.1.1 at:

Note: We will have new packages in our PPA presently.

Issue Tracker:


3 responses to “RabbitVCS bugfix release – v0.14.1.1”

  1. mithereal says:

    when i delete a file from my local svn directory then commit the changes, the file i removed locally is not changed remotely, ie the file remains on the remote server when it should not be there as it is no longer part of the project

    • molafish says:

      If you are performing an svn delete through rabbit’s context menu, and not just a regular filesystem delete’ then you should file a bug report. You cannot expect the devs to scan news comments for bug reports.

  2. Hatem MASMOUDI says:

    Where Fedora 14 packages will be found. installing rabbitvcs from fedora official repository install only v0.13.3 version of rabbitvcs.