February status update

Things have calmed down somewhat since the v0.14.2.1 release and I’ve been wanting to post an update on my RabbitVCS-related goings on.  So what have I been up to?

Well, some of you may have heard about GNOME 3, which is scheduled to be released within a month or two. Unfortunately, the current versions of both nautilus-python and RabbitVCS are completely broken in GNOME 3 because PyGTK has not and will not be ported to GTK+3, and nautilus-python is what RabbitVCS uses to interface with the Nautilus extension framework.  The good news is that not only am I the maintainer for RabbitVCS, I’m the nautilus-python maintainer as well!  I’ve just about gotten the new bindings to work correctly on GNOME 3 and will put out a release as soon as possible.  They will require Nautilus 3 and the next bug-fix release of PyGObject 2.28 (I uncovered a bug in the current version).

The result of all of this is that I will need to port RabbitVCS’s Nautilus client to GTK+3, and possibly the rest of RabbitVCS as well.  It’s going to get a little hairy for a while as we figure out what to do.  So if anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears.

I’m also the maintainer of thunarx-python, which I started originally as a project on github.com, and I recently did my first release as an officially hosted Xfce project!  I just released v0.2.3 last weekend and the project is stable and ready to be packaged by distributions.

Once I get this nautilus-python release out the door, I will start focusing on RabbitVCS bugs once again and maybe make some more progress on advancing towards v0.15.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

20 responses to “February status update”

  1. cxvxcv says:

    It would be useful to ask the Xfce project itself to package those bindings with it’s DE.

    The same for the nautilus client.

    Now it seems that having different api’s for ifferent file managers isn’t very practical. In the long run it saves work if you could try to add a file manager api to the Linux Standard Base. Just like the xdg-utilities of the X.org project now, or even adding stuff tothe xdg utilities since it seems to fall in the same line.
    (if it is don’t forget to check if it allows for desktop search selection with advanced features like browser search selection:)

    From: http://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/lsb/lsb-41-release-notes

    “New Commands

    The xdg-utils specification, which had been a Trial Use standard in LSB 4.0, is now required. This includes the commands “xdg-desktop-icon”, “xdg-desktop-menu”, “xdg-email”, “xdg-icon-resource”, “xdg-mime”, “xdg-open”, and “xdg-screensaver”.

    Besides the xdg-utils commands, a number of additional core commands have been added: “alias”, “bg”, “fc”, “fg”, “hash”, “jobs”, “string”, and “unalias”.

  2. cxvxcv says:

    And your work is going to be very valuable to a lot of developers once it has matured. Kudos!

  3. Will you continue to support GNOME 2? Will you support Ubuntu Unity?

  4. Nuno Ferreira says:

    Well… I’ll probably be moving from GNOME to XFCE (GNOME 3 is highly unproductive – just eye candy). Currently I’m using GNOME 2, and I like RabbitVCS on Nautilus. I’ll try XFCE with RabbitCVS on Thunar. If it works for me, I’ll switch to XFCE. What were those guys at GNOME thinking of? Suicide? I used KDE for some time, but KDE4 sucks, and moved back to GNOME because has a better environment, productivity wise. And now, GNOME follows KDE4 for eye candy, losing all that productivity environment, and to make matters worse, they are losing functionality and compatibility as well. Were they stroke by Alzheimer’s disease?

  5. harm says:

    Gnome 3 is actually quite nice and together with Gnome Zeitgeist it is awesome…:)
    I would really appreciate your effort to get rabbitvcs working on gnome 3. I’m wondering how far you have got? Any news?
    Can’t waite…:)

  6. ReinoutS says:

    Hi Adam! I’d like to use rabbitvcs with Nautilus under Gnome 3. I see that nautilus-python 0.7.3 is out (even though Fedora 15 beta still has 0.7.0). Is the gtk-3.0 branch in svn in usable / testable state already?

    • Adam Plumb says:

      The extension itself should work, and most of the functionality should work, but there are most likely bugs. Still, if you are feeling adventurous then it should be usable.

  7. salva says:

    I hope you could fix it, there is no other decent svn client out there for linux…

  8. mpnordland says:

    Yes, PLEASE get it working on Gnome 3. A project I’m working on is depending on it, and when Oneiric hits I’m going to go to Gnome 3, and well, I have to have Rabbit VCS!

  9. +1 on RabbitVCS for Gnome 3!

    I’m using it in Ubuntu Natty (11.04) and it doesn’t work in Nautilus. However, it works in Thunar, so I can keep using it. However, having Nautilus support back would be perfect!

    Thanks for the great work, love the app!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is nautilus dead? There hasn’t be a real release in a long time.

  11. zquad says:

    what is the status on getting rabbitvcs working on ubuntu 11.4 and gnome 3? I installed rabbitvcs and cannot even find it when searching for the software in gnome 3?

    What do I need to update to get it working?

  12. zquad, I use Ubuntu 11.04 with Gnome 3. Nautilus is not integrated, but Thunar, the file manager installed with RabbitVCS, is.

    So either open Thunar using the Activities menu and then browse to the folder that is managed by SVN or right click the folder in Nautilus and choose “Open with Thunar”.

    – Vítor

  13. James Miles says:

    I am stuck with using shitty RapidSVN until this starts working with fedora 15. Any movement on this would be GREATLY appreciated!

  14. Ash says:

    Not working with Nautilus or Thunar in Ubuntu 11.10, any ideas when a fix might be coming out?

  15. gigi says:

    rabbitvcs doesnt work with gnome 3/ubuntu oneiric. we are desperate ! we cannot work with the crippled rapidSVN.
    Can’t wait to have rabbitVCS working !

  16. Daniel says:

    +1 on RabbitVCS for Gnome 3! Please :)

  17. +1 on RabbitVCS for Gnome 3 too!

  18. Vitaliy says:

    Not working with Nautilus in Ubuntu 11.10