RabbitVCS now packaged for Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty)

I have finally gotten around to updating the packages in our PPA for Ubuntu Natty. Users should be able to follow the instructions on the PPA page to install RabbitVCS and be kept up-to-date with the latest packages.

One disclaimer though: it’s not yet possible to run Ubuntu in Unity mode in a virtual machine, which means I have no way of testing RabbitVCS under Unity. I’ll still try my best to help users if they run into problems, but you need to be aware it’ll be very hard to troubleshoot for the time being.

Let me know if there are any problems with installation!

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  1. Andrew says:

    Unity runs in VirtualBox for some time now… see these instructions: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/12/how-to-test-ubuntu-1104-with-unity-in.html

  2. Vladimir says:

    After installation of RabbitVCS, python and nautilus processes use up to 100% CPU when navigating a folder which was checked out from svn. It had been working in the same way on Ubuntu 10.10 though. Only after navigating to the up level and returning to the folder it started work fine without CPU loading.

  3. Ey! I hope you can help me… I am an old user of RabbitVCS. The last time I installed it was about 2 months ago when Ubuntu 11.04 arrived. Everything seemed to be ok until this weekend. Let me explain what happened.
    I had to reinstall my Ubuntu 11.04 and I did it as always (a few dev apps, visual customizations, important libraries, and so on) but when I tried to install Rabbit by manual install (as I always did), after putting the plugin & restarting nautilus, it wasn’t on folder’s context menu =/ so, I tried again, with the same result. After all, I tried to install it via apt-get and finally it was on the menu, but the nightmare comes again… When I click on “Checkout” or another option, it seems to be doing nothing… =/ any ideas?

    Despite this issue, I love this app… THANKS, really, THANKS for doing this… =) I’ll wait for an answer… Greetings!

    • Jason Heeris says:

      Well, check the logs (~/.config/rabbitvcs/RabbitVCS>.log and ~/.xsession-errors) for any likely looking lines, and maybe run “rabbitvcs commit” from the console in a working directory. If that fails, probably better to take it to the mailing list.

      • It’s me again! I checked out those files and I didn’t find anything suspicious… By the way, I tried to run Nautilus on root and guess what… Rabbit runs as always… :D It seems to be a misconfiguration with my file browser (I use Nautilus Elementary with some extra plugins). Oh, I almost forgot, when I use “Update” option, it seems to be successfully checking my project files (the emblem icon changes to a clock and nautilus option for “Paste into folder” starts to blink)… I guess that the problem is with Rabbit user interface…
        Anyway, thanks for all!

        • Jason Heeris says:

          Gah! This again!

          There’s a long standing quirk where sometimes, the ownership of the ~/.config/rabbitvcs directory is set to root, not your usual username.

          You can delete it altogether, or try “chown -R yourusername:yourusername ~/.config/rabbitvcs” to reset it all. Post again if it doesn’t.

          As for the other thing, could you file that as a bug? There might already be one open for that…

          • Well, first of all, thanks for the quick answer =).. second, I changed the owner of Rabbit’s config folder and the log file remains empty =S so I deleted the folder, restarted nautilus and the files were regenerated, but the log is empty!
            I have news! When I was trying to see if your tip works, I clicked on “Update” but Rabbit GUI stills playing “hide and seek” hehe.. but take a look at that: http://twitpic.com/5h0loh
            Python proccess explodes o.O any ideas?

  4. salva says:

    When will it be available to gnome shell? We’re waiting, man! ;-)

  5. Ubuntu Journeyman says:

    Thanks guys, and also thanks to John Ansell.
    This tip ‘Once it’s installed, do nautilus -q then try again’ was the missing link for me. Now it’s all sorted and very impressive too.

    Thanks again for the massive effort you must put into this.

    It is appreciated.

  6. zippoxer says:

    Thanks god.

  7. Doomin says:

    When version on Ubuntu 11.10?

  8. WarWar says:

    ubuntu 10.10

  9. Ricardo says:

    Are you working on packaging for Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric)?