Released v0.15.0.5

hi all, thanks go to rkrug, basil2, and macavity for helping me figure
out what why we were seeing seg faults in nautilus.  The problem seems
to affect people with python-gtkspell installed.  That is a static
module that uses static gtk as a dependency, and when it tried to
import gtk it would create a seg fault.  Unfortunately, there doesn’t
seem to be dynamic bindings for gtk spell module so I’ve disabled it
for Nautilus 3 users.  This update should also fix the issue where it
would report that it couldn’t load certain svg or svgz files.

The new tarball (hopefully the last for a while) is up now on our
download section.

42 responses to “Released v0.15.0.5”

  1. Cdoshi says:

    Good stuff guys.
    It is working great and glad that now it works with nautilus 3 – The icons are back too on the folders.
    Great work guys.

  2. Marco says:

    Thank you man!

  3. Stas says:

    Just installed new version on Ubuntu 11.10, works great! Thank you for the great work

  4. paul says:

    thanks a big lot. i’m in the middle of an intensive work and accidentially installed the previous update.
    lots of little bomb symbols, and after recovering, empty commit windows and nasty message.

    no it’s all back to working again!

    thx again

  5. ezequiel says:

    Hey! I’m havving the same issue even with the last update…
    i’ve pulled it from the ppa via apt-get and from the tarball… both with the same result…

    ezequiel@ECR-Vostro:~$ nautilus
    /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gobject/ Warning: g_boxed_type_register_static: assertion `g_type_from_name (name) == 0′ failed
    import gobject._gobject
    /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/ Warning: specified class size for type `PyGtkGenericCellRenderer’ is smaller than the parent type’s `GtkCellRenderer’ class size
    from gtk import _gtk
    /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/ Warning: g_type_get_qdata: assertion `node != NULL’ failed
    from gtk import _gtk

    and segmentation fault…

    Any help would be apreciated!


    • Adam Plumb says:

      Make sure you don’t have another RabbitVCS installation somewhere if you tried to install with an earlier package/archive. Do a ‘find /usr | grep rabbitvcs’ and see if you have anything in /usr/local. You should just have one set of folders in /usr/lib.

      • ezequiel says:

        Man! Thanks!! it took me 10mins of deleting small files, but now everything is working!!! Thankss!!

        Really! The world is not the same without rabbitvcs…

        Thank You! Really, Thanks!

  6. Dieter says:

    Thanks a lot guys! Everything working on Oneiric 64bit now. Working without RabbitVCS just wasn’t that productive.

    Thanks again for the great work!

  7. Mindless says:

    Great job guys – I’ve been without Rabbitvcs since i updated from 11.04 – This is just great its all working now on 11.10 OneIRC, your work is much appreciated .. thank you

  8. Jason says:

    Works like a charm. Thanks guys.

  9. remmus says:


    I got rabbitvcs working in Fedora 15, During the weekend I upgraded to F16 and got the following error:

    Initializing nautilus-open-terminal extension
    Initializing nautilus-gdu extension
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/gi/”, line 23, in
    from ._gi import _API, Repository
    ImportError: could not import gobject (error was: ImportError(‘When using gi.repository you must not import static modules like “gobject”. Please change all occurrences of “import gobject” to “from gi.repository import GObject”.’,))
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/home/makerpm/.local/share/nautilus-python/extensions/”, line 63, in
    from gi.repository import Nautilus, GObject, Gtk, GdkPixbuf
    File “/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/gi/”, line 23, in
    from ._gi import _API, Repository
    ImportError: cannot import name _API

    Any ideas??

    • Adam Plumb says:

      You may have older plugins still installed, not sure? Please write to our mailing list for help, this isn’t a good place for diagnostics.

    • Edik says:

      Is there any solution for this issue ?

      • Remmus says:

        Hi there,

        I was able to generate the x64 rpms on current F16 and they are working.
        You could try to build thme yourself

        • Edik says:


          I’m using Gentoo and they have two versions.
          The normal and the

          This runtime error only happens with the newer So I’m using the normal at the moment.

  10. JohnS says:

    Great work, happy to see this excellent app so actively maintained – life without RabbitVCS would be hard! Sadly I’m currently experiencing just how hard as I’m on Xubuntu 11.10 and the thunarx-python package is not yet available for Oneiric :( Please tell me it will be released soon?

  11. mpnordland says:

    I’ve learned to use svn in terminal, but nothing beats this. It’s the perfect counterpart to tortisesvn on windows. Which is what I used before switching to linux.

  12. SlickMcRunFast says:

    Thanks for this tool. Been using for about a year now and love it.

  13. airtonix says:

    so how do i get this installed on 11.10? You should at least link to any previous page you created that describes this process

  14. Anthony says:

    Thankyou, working well in Oneric.

  15. Jonas says:

    Great work.

    How long is the delay from your release to an update in fedora/Ubuntu repositories? I’m only seeing:

  16. BugCoder says:

    Thanks guys, I cant remember how many years i was waiting a application like this.

  17. yair says:

    Thank you ! just installed 11.10 and it works great !

  18. Mr. Medved says:

    Hey – Love the tool, been using it for a long time. Recently upgraded to Linux Mint 12, using MATE. Has anyone gotten rabbitvcs to work in MATE with Caja (nautalus fork)?

    • Dave S says:

      I’m also interested in getting this to work with Caja under MATE. Not found a solution yet though. :-(

    • Krotow says:

      Same for me. Linux Mint 12, Mate/Caja. Would be happy to get vorking RabbitVCS for it.

  19. J Gallagher says:

    This software is perfect.

  20. Udit Mahajan says:

    Are there any plans to support Marlin File Manager?
    I have started using it, and have found its the perfect replacement of Nautilus. Its light weight and much more responsive. But it does not have RabbitVCS integration.
    There are only 2 available plugins for Marlin: Dropbox and UbuntuOne…
    It would be nice to have RabbitVCS integration as well.

  21. Eder Rafo says:

    Hello rabbitvcs is best
    I always work with subversion rabbitvcs and good, but I have a problem
    I use git rabbitvcs bitbucket a repository and I can not get my remote repository to clone my local machine, I tried many things and yet I can not.
    which is the correct way to do


  22. Eder Rafo says:

    I forgot, used linux ubuntu 10.04 lucin lynx 64 bits in sony vaio cire i3

  23. Gerold Penz says:

    Thank you, for your great work!

  24. Wang Zi says:

    If I am a ubuntu user, how do I upgrade to this version?

  25. Remmus says:

    After the last update of nautilus-python on fedora 16 RabbitVCS is now working in nautilus!!!!

    Keep up the good work

  26. […] I thought I’d try out version, which appears to be the latest. However I couldn’t find an up to date RPM for Fedora 14, I only found this one for Fedora […]

  27. zerox says:

    I just have installed everything on Ubuntu11.10 except rabbitvcs-thunar
    and I also have tried to install it from the Tarball
    but there is no change on the right-click menu and the icons
    I don’t konw why…
    can anyone help me?

  28. Wang ZI says:

    How to upgrade from old version. I am using ubuntu, in my update manager, it’s gray and not allow me choose to upgrade

  29. artella says:

    Hi, I am using RabbitVCS, subversion 1.6.17, Pysvn-, ConfigObj-4.7.2, in ubuntu 12.04. The problem is that Rabbitvcs (svn) does not seem to work correctly when there are spaces in the path. For example create a directory “test a” on the desktop. Then create a directory “rep” within this “test a” directory and try to create a repository “rep” via the menu. The repository is not created in “test a/rep” but instead “test%20a/rep”

  30. ole2 says:

    it’s crashing, the latest one. and all time on different errors:

    Gdk:ERROR:/build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.24.10/gdk/gdkregion-generic.c:1310:miSubtractNonO1: assertion failed: (r->x1x2)

    next time on the same commit operation:

    Gdk:ERROR:/build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.24.10/gdk/gdkregion-generic.c:1110:miUnionNonO: assertion failed: (y1 < y2)

  31. ole2 says:

    it’s working fine, if no Firefox is running in parallel.

  32. Moosey says:

    I’m running Fedora 19 with Mate and have rabbitvcs running quite easily with yum. I did a “yum search rabbitvcs” and installed all five packages listed, including rabbitvcs-thunar.x86_64. I set up my svn repository and went to systemTools/thunarFileManager and rabbit worked fine.

    I’ve seen a number of references to using caja but couldn’t get that to work. I don’t know the good or bad of thunar but it works with rabbit and if I have a thunar window open only for rabbit, that’s fine with me rather than screwing around with getting caja to work.