First beta real soon now(TM)

For the past week, we’ve been working on releasing an actual beta package for NautilusSvn.  Alas, there are still some glitches and bugs we’re trying to work out, which is slowing down the release.  Hopefully we will have these worked out soon and we can charge forth into the next stage of development.  Stay tuned!

2 responses to “First beta real soon now(TM)”

  1. ReinoutS says:


    I’d love to help to create a Mandriva rpm for Nautilussvn. I’m not very experienced in packaging stuff, however. But I can always test/debug :) Distro specific instructions for Mdv are here: — is there any other info you need?

  2. Adam Plumb says:

    hi Reinout,

    We’ve been working on making a generic rpm that can be installed with any RPM based distro, but that may not be ready for beta1. One thing you can do to help is to figure out how to install all of NautilusSvn’s dependencies ( Each distro names their packages differently and has different versions available, so if you could set up v0.12 trunk on your machine and document how you did it, send it in and we’ll put it up in the distro-specific section. We’d love it if you could do that ;)