Intro and End of January Project Status

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Plumb…Adam Plumb. I live in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA, am in my twenties, and work from home as a web developer. I recently created an online boggle clone game called Serpentine, which people have been having a lot of fun with. I’ve been a linux user for a few years now, and have strongly missed having a subversion extension for my file managers (I used TortoiseSVN in Windows). Queue to this autumn when I started learning the Python language and found out about the nautilus-python bindings. I decided to make a TortoiseSVN clone for Nautilus, and started working on my idea until I found the NautilusSvn project and joined forces with Bruce. Together, we decided to do a complete rewrite of NautilusSvn and transform it from a collection of scripts to a robust, well-engineered application.

We’ve been hard at work on the NautilusSvn v0.12 rewrite for well over two months now, and are getting quite close to an alpha (“feature-complete but expect breakage”) milestone. At this point, we’re only waiting for Bruce to finish up his status checking code before we can release an alpha snapshot and ask people to start testing. Indeed, Bruce has been very busy with work and “real life” lately, but the positive side to that is the “delay” has given me an opportunity to continue to polish the UI (which needs to be a bit more robust).

Once we release an alpha snapshot (hopefully within the next couple weeks), we’ll get to work fixing bugs and refactoring in order to get a really solid v0.12 final release.

4 responses to “Intro and End of January Project Status”

  1. Michael says:

    Good to see a new dev blog setup! — Look forward to trying out v0.12. I already love the current version, albeit a bit slow to load the folder with 5 projects in it. I have been reading a little bit around the group that someone is working on an ‘update in the background’ feature?

  2. Adam Plumb says:

    Bruce, is working on something like that and it will be in place for the v0.12 release. At the moment, the v0.12 branch doesn’t have that though.

  3. Volker says:

    Wow, this reads like great news. I’ve been using Ubuntu in my company for almost four years now and the one thing that has been always bugging me was not being able to access our subversion repositories as cool as those tortoise-windows-users. I tried NautilusSVN with Feisty but gave that up due to many bugs and performance issues. I really like the idea of having this as a native application instead of a plugin which I have to get working all by myself every new release. :)
    I’ll definitly keep in touch, that is, I’ll be reading this blog quite carefully. ;)

  4. Jason Field says:

    Good luck with the project – it’s a shame that I don’t have the time to spend on it that it deserves, but I’m glad that my work at least has helped others to start on something more awesome :o) I’ll keep an eye on progress and try to lend a hand if time allows – looks great so far!