Translating NautilusSvn from Launchpad

With the strings frozen for v0.12, I’ve uploaded the translation template file to our launchpad page, and it is now possible to translate NautilusSvn directly from launchpad!  Simply follow the above link and click the “Help translate” button.  You can find more detailed instructions here.  Once you’ve completed your translation, open a new issue on our project site to let us know about it.

We already have french and german translations in our first beta and hope more people will help out and translate for us.  Thanks!

2 responses to “Translating NautilusSvn from Launchpad”

  1. Niklas already provided us with a Swedish translation too. I saw some people working on the German and Swedish translation in the interface so I decided to upload both .po files. They’re in some kind of review queue (how come somebody from Launchpad has to review our files?). Should I have done that?

    EDIT: Looks like it’s in a queue because the translations are used for all projects on NautilusSvn. I still think that’s silly though, they shouldn’t keep tre translations from being submitted to a project but do the review afterwards and then let the strings flow to other projects.

    Also I didn’t think it was a good idea to submit the translations myself since I didn’t write them so I deleted all the uploads from the queue, but will we have to ask the original authors to upload them? I don’t want people to do the same work again now.

  2. Vadim P. says:

    Small tip in case you don’t know – when you download translations in launchpad to add the source code, upload the .po’s back, it will mark the strings as synced then (in green). That way people know their work was used!