Don’t worry, we’re not dead!

I know that compared to the early months of 2009 it has been a little quiet around the project lately. But don’t worry, we’re not dead! It’s just that Adam is getting married this summer and quite understandably pre-occupied with planning the wedding. I myself simply haven’t had the energy lately to work on the project, there’s some tough issues to solve and I haven’t had any brilliant ideas.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everybody that has contributed to the project so far, from the people providing patches and translations to the people participating in the discussions on the mailing list and on this blog. Note that even though I haven’t yet participated in the discussions on this blog I always read the comments that everybody posts.

Since the 0.12 beta release in March there have already been over 3000 downloads and the project has been mentioned in well over 60 separate sites/blogs/forum threads etc. (yes I’ve actually been keeping track of this!). The reaction is overwhelmingly positive as also indicated from several very thoughtful messages to the mailing list ([1] and [2]).

For me personally my involvement in this project has been an amazing experience, one that I would like to continue. I consider my responsibility as a project manager to make the barrier towards contribution as low as possible and motivate the community to participate. There’s still a lot that needs to be done to make NautilusSvn more easy for us and other people to develop on and that’s going to be one of my major focus points

The coming months I will be focusing on refactoring NautilusSvn to make several improvements to the overall design which will lead to an overall better application but also improvements in performance and hopefully memory consumption. I’ll be documenting my progress on the Architecture and Code Sprint wiki pages.

Once actual work gets underway snapshots will be regurarly released. In the meantime people will have to make do with the current beta release.

Note that I’m still looking for help in getting the PPA set-up and ready to go for distributing NautilusSvn. The Launchpad buildbot is currently unable to build any packages for the sources I upload and I have not been able to understand from the logs yet precisely what the issue is. Contact me over the mailing list if you think you can help.

UPDATE: Thanks to Vadim Peretokin I figured out what was causing the Launchpad buildbot to fail on building NautilusSvn, turns out I was missing a few build-dependencies that were required because of commands called from the Python distutils script (pkg-config and gtk-update-icon-cache). Thanks Vadim!

Please don’t hessitate to drop by for a talk in our IRC channel #nautilussvn @ Freenode (!


One response to “Don’t worry, we’re not dead!”

  1. Dave G says:

    Guys, this extension for Nautilus has been a HUGE help for me in my development work!

    Great job!