New release of thunarx-python bindings

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I am happy to announce that version 0.2.0 of the thunarx-python bindings have been released and are available for download.  The big news (and the only news) is that they can now run on any version of Thunar, all the way back to 0.4.0, so you don’t need to very latest release (v1.1.0) any more.

I’m in the process of getting thunarx-python hosted on, but it is slow going.  I’ll update everyone when this does happen, though.

Get it here: thunarx-python-0.2.0.tar.gz

SHASUM: e5838c597612d90f262add39ceae56dc59ad798b
MD5SUM: 6b6555157888e7dd91a15732b4970642

Git Repository:
Bug Tracker:

Release announcement for RabbitVCS v0.12.1

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We are excited to announce the release of RabbitVCS v0.12.1!  This is our first point release of the v0.12 branch and it fixes some big bugs that cropped up after the general v0.12 release.  Here is a list of the most important changes and fixes.

  • (r1791) Merged new SSL client cert prompt into v0.12.1 branch
  • (r1794) Changed “previous log message” UI behaviour. Newlines now replaced by “return key” glyph (U+23CE). Trailing whitespace stripped only from entire message. Fixes issue 184
  • (r1800) Wrong comparison of “name” value returned from property dialog. Fixes issue 186.
  • (r1833) Fix for issue #195.  The checkboxes in the update to revision dialog were inconsistently padded.
  • (r1840) Merge of locale detection/setting fix from main branch.
  • (r1852) Removed extraneous debugging line (merged from trunk).
  • (r1915) Merged change from issue #1856 into v12.1 branch (python 2.4 compatbility fix)
  • (r1917) Added the nautilusold extension code to the v0.12.1 branch
  • (r2030) Fixes bug #1, SSL certificate failure
  • (r2050) Bug fixes and improvements for packaging scripts

Go to

Go to

We now have a working 64bit package for Fedora!  We will have RHEL/CentOS packages soon.

RabbitVCS is a project with the goal of developing a collection of utilities to allow for better client integration with some of the popular version control systems. We currently support the Nautilus File Manager and the Subversion version control system.

The RabbitVCS Team

Release announcement for RabbitVCS v0.12!

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We are excited to announce the release of RabbitVCS v0.12!

This release is a complete rewrite of v0.11, and supports nearly all Subversion functionality. In addition, we have support for more languages, have a neat command line utility to interact with our dialogs, and we have several easy to install packages.

Finally, you may have noticed our most visible change, our new name! Our eventual goal is to support multiple version control systems and to even extend other file managers and programs, so we decided on a platform-agnostic name, and our first major release with the new team seemed like the perfect time to make this change.

* Status checks are now done asynchronously and won’t lock up Nautilus
* Lots of bugs have been squashed

* Vastly improved status monitor and emblem support
* Complete rewrite of the Nautilus extension, VCS layer, and user interface
* Nearly full Subversion functionality
* Easy to install packages for Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora
* Fully internationalized with many translations available
* Command line integration to easily launch our dialog

Go to

Go to

RabbitVCS is a project with the goal of developing a collection of utilities to allow for better client integration with some of the popular version control systems. We currently support the Nautilus File Manager and the Subversion version control system.

The RabbitVCS Team

Release announcement for v0.12 BETA 1!

Posted in Release on March 16th, 2009 by Adam Plumb – 9 Comments

Hi all,

It has been a longer wait than anticipated, but the first beta is finally here!  We have several goals in mind for this beta and future betas:

  • Produce installable tarball packages of NautilusSvn
  • Produce distribution-specific packages (deb and rpm packages)
  • Maintain a stable/unchanging set of strings for translation purposes
  • Get NautilusSvn in a state where it can be used by the general public every day

The wait has mostly been related to some last minute issues with the installable tarballs and packages.  Indeed, Bruce and I are still learning the release engineering trade, so you can probably expect us to fumble some more in the near future ;)  We’ve also been tinkering with the status monitor, amongst other things, trying to make them simpler and more reliable.

Whereas the ALPHA was simply a statement that we wanted people to start actively testing the NautilusSvn v0.12 branch, this beta is our first honest-to-goodness release.  We plan on releasing a few betas, until we are sure we’ve ironed out the kinks in the release process and in the program.


Instead of moving directly from beta to rc to final, we’re now going to be releasing a series of betas every one or two weeks until we get it right.  Hopefully, we’ll be ready for a final v0.12 release within a two or three beta releases.

This is the first release where we want you to test out installing from either the tarball archive or the .deb package.  We haven’t been able to generate an RPM just yet. That will hopefully come in beta2.

Go here for installation instructions:

You can see a rough list of changes since the ALPHA here:  Some of the major changes are:

  • Relative paths work better now in dialogs
  • Merging is working (I think)
  • Fixed mutliple-row selection in log and properties windows
  • Replaced many dialog labels with text entries so URLs are easy to change (rather than being read-only)
  • Many bug-fixes



  • Install the beta and report any issues you have.
  • We’re still looking for translations.  Go to for instructions
  • We’re still looking for more distro-specific instructions on how to install dependencies.
  • Figure out a fix the context-menu misordering bug above.

Thanks for everyone’s help and we hope people enjoy the beta release.

The NautilusSvn Team

Release announcement for v0.12 ALPHA

Posted in Release on February 17th, 2009 by Adam Plumb – Be the first to comment

It has been a long few months of development, but we’re finally ready to announce that the NautilusSvn v0.12 branch is in the ALPHA stage and ready for testing!  This new major version of NautilusSvn is a complete rewrite from top-to-bottom, and features an automatic status monitor (works better than in v0.11), all-new windows/dialogs using PyGTK instead of wxPython, an all new and improved context menu system, and full localization support!

Here’s a proposed release schedule to give you an idea of our release timeline:

FEB 17 – Alpha release (only for brave testers, no installation package)
MAR 3  – Beta release (for general use and testing, with installation package, string freeze)
MAR 10 – RC Release (for general use, nothing should change unless its an urgent bugfix)
MAR 17 – Final v0.12 release!


Note: there are no installation packages available for the alpha release

– The main context menu will appear with items in incorrect places.  This is a bug in nautilus (we think) and so far we haven’t found a workaround.  If you get this, most of the time you can click away (in the nautilus background) and then click back on the original item, and this will give you a correct menu.  If you want to try to find a workaround for us, we’ve created a simple test extension at  Put this in your ~/.nautilus/python-extensions folder and type ‘nautilus -q && nautilus –no-desktop’ to load it up.  If you can find a workaround, you will be a hero.

– The new status monitor is slower than it was in v0.11 because it is fully automated and actually works (most of the time), whereas v0.11 required manual refreshes and did not apply status updates to parent folders.


– We’ve put together installation instructions for Ubuntu, Fedora, and OpenSUSE.  If you install NautilusSvn on a different distro, we’d love it if you could send in distro-specific instructions!

– v0.12 is now fully localizable using .po/.pot files.  If you are interesting in helping us with translations, you can get started immediately by going here ( and reading the README file there for instructions.  We will have our translations hosted on launchpad shortly, but you can work from the source in the meantime.  Also, keep in mind that string-freeze does not start until the BETA release.

– Just use the extension and windows to their fullest and report any bugs or issues you find.  Go here ( to report any issues you have.

We’re very excited about the v0.12 release and we hope you all are too!

The NautilusSvn Team